Prints ordered through this site are linked to a printer in the US. Delivery time is subject to Canadian Customs clearance and can vary from a few days to several weeks. Please contact me at  for quotes on custom prints printed in Canada. 

I have found that the metal prints display my shots with amazing clarity and vividness. The ink is specially infused into coated aluminum to give the image unique depth not found in any other printing technique. Metal prints have a much higher archival life and are subject to less fade to to direct sunlight making them ideal for hanging outdoors and are also waterproof for hanging in damp climates such as bathrooms. Please contact me for more information on this type of print. I can provide samples of either 4"x6" or 8"x 10" printed in house. Black and white prints look great on the sheer finish as it allows the texture of the metal underneath the photo to show through where white would normally be found in the image. All colour prints look best with gloss white finish to get the most saturation out of colours. 

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